February 16, 2022

Liquid Immersion Cooling to See Greater Adoption in 2022

Liquid Immersion Cooling to See Greater Adoption in 2022
  • Powerful new hardware driving demand for liquid cooling solutions
  • Growing movement to reduce water use in cooling processes
  • ALEC DCS’ partnership with Submer to support roll out

Liquid cooling across the data center industry is anticipated to see greater adoption in 2022 as a growing demand for higher AI workloads and more powerful hardware pushes the requirement for greater efficiencies, with companies such as Microsoft, Equinix and Digital Realty preparing for the broader use of liquid cooling technology.

In support of this adoption, ALEC DCS’ partnership with Spanish-based Submer, a datacenter builder and operator focused on enhancing greater sustainability and efficiency has been a great boost, thanks to the innovation of its products.

Speaking on behalf of Submer, a spokesperson described Submer’s model as enabling

“next generation cooling and automation for data & energy-intense environments by integrating our pristine, highly-efficient & sustainable technologies. Solving the challenges of today and powering the user cases of the future. Submer helps enable datacenters that make sense through products, platforms, APIs, processes and installation that will move hyperscalers, colocation and huge industries to new levels of efficiency and innovation.”

Microsoft has been one of the market frontrunners to implement liquid cooling technology on a larger scale, most recently through the application of its immersion-cooled servers, which they believe will offer gains in density and efficiency. According to Christian Belady, Vice President of Microsoft’s datacenter advanced development group,

“Because of the efficiencies in both power and cooling that liquid cooling affords us, it unlocks new potential for data center rack design. We’re only at the beginning of the density curve. We’re really bullish on the technology.”

Commenting on the increasing adoption rate, ALEC DCS General Manager, Bjorn Viedge said,

“We anticipate installing our first liquid immersion cooling systems in 2022, thanks to our partnership with Submer. Certainly, as a market, our clients already understand the benefits of simplified maintenance, the delivery of more compact solutions, the elimination of water waste and the potential to reuse heat as required. As processes and hardware continue to develop in terms of power and capacity, I believe we’ll see a far greater demand from our clients in the years ahead.”

According to recent data published by Report Linker, the data center liquid cooling market is expected to register a CAGR of 24.84% between 2022 – 2027 citing simple maintenance, easy scalability and affordability as the primary drivers.